77 thoughts on “The Willy Wonka Candy Factory Tour

  1. I am so impressed with your cartoons. Out of interest do you recycle things you have found or buy things specially? I was also wondering how long each one took to make both now and when you first started? We make cards out of old photos, cards and different bits of paper and card that you can get from craft shops. I love that things like that are so touchy feely too as they become 3D. I hope you keep them all.. well done

    1. Thank you! I buy the colors for their hair and pretty paper when it is on sale, but most of it is recycled materials. I get a lot of cards and ads in the mail, and they usually have such pretty patterns… not to mention food packaging!

      When I first started, it would take me days to piece together a story, but now I can get them done in about half a day… of course, now I have most of the background already made, so it’s just a matter of making the figures and scanning them in!

      1. Thanks for replying… Ah.. of course.. leaflets that come through the door are a very good idea. I am always looking for ideas to teach children about looking after the planet, so thank you for the recycling tip. I did not even notice you were reusing the backgrounds.. very clever! I watched a documentary the other day about South Park. Did you know their first cartoon was made in much the same way? And whether you like them or not you can’t say they are not successful. The two artists and friends do all their own voices too. Have you ever considered making yours moving and voiced… now there’s a thought! I could see some of the stories on CBBC. Aparently all they used to make them move was smaller or larger versions of the characters, obviously different positions of limbs etc like you already do and a book on how to draw mouths making certain vowel sounds. They just changed the mouth as the character said a vowel.. job done! Of course I don’t have your skill.. so only you know whether it is possible..

        1. I am actually working on a full-length graphic novel right now. It’s a lot of work! I’m not sure animation is in my wheelhouse. I gave it a shot last year, but it takes even more time! I would love to do it someday, maybe with some help :)

          1. A graphic novel.. Now that sounds like fun. I am writing a period novel.. I have already had prologue published having entered it in a short story competition.. Sounds like it ‘watch this space’ all round.. Although I have given myself 40 years completion date. Lol x

          2. Is this a graphic novel about the Middlest Sister characters, or something else? Also, will we get to see it online, or is it going to be a physical book that’s going to be published and sold?

          3. I don’t think my reply function is working. Is this going to be a Middlest Sister graphic novel, or will it be about something else? Also, can we see your masterpiece when it’s finished, or is it going to be a physical that’ll be published and sold?

  2. Oh, poor baby! That’s the kind of disappointment that can scar a kid for life. Tell me, do you have flashbacks whenever you eat chocolate?

  3. Poor you! I’ve heard of the Willy wonka chocolate factory, but I was too afraid to go because I thought I would have ended up drowning in a chocolate river, or being strecthed. The movie really scared me, but keep up the good work with your blog!

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