59 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Solomon

  1. new header..yeay ! and why no handwriting this time? its a nice font none the less and as always …lovely post. Love the final expression of shock+fear.

      1. I know. Contrary to what they’ve said, the process is worse. I’ve been having a hard time just adding images lately, my whole screen freezes. :(

  2. Boy, I think my kids do this to each other in some fashion once a week. It’s always “let me see, I want to see it!” What a great ending. Love the new font and the new heading.

  3. Too funny! I remember when I was a kid, me and my siblings were always wanting what the other had. :-) I love the new header, and any font you use will be great, just because the funnies are great.

  4. There is a near legendary story from my childhood that springs to mind on seeing your wonderful story: My sister runs into my grandmother’s kitchen screaming, “It’s not chalk! IT’S NOT CHALK!” I following closely behind screaming, “Give me the chalk!” Feints, hesitations and more screaming. My mother steps in and asks, “What’s in your hand?” My sister ever so slowly and sheepishly brings the hand from behind her back and, finger by finger, unfolds it to reveal….you guessed it. Chalk.
    Loved it! ~Regards, Dan

  5. This sort of things used to happen to me all the time, as the eldest it was too easy to get the others to want what I had.. but also for them to tell tells on me ‘who should know better!’ This story reminds me of the detention I got for keeping snails in my desk in an open tupperware. I didn’t realise they would crawl up and over and slime my books. Thanks again Nicole x

  6. I liked Ashley’s boots too, but I LOVED the way you did three Chrissys in one panel, to show Chrissy jumping/hovering around Ashley to see what was in her hand. By the way, what did Ashley have in her hand, that grossed Chrissy out so much in the end? Was it a spider or something?

  7. Amazeballs, as always. You are one talented arranger of felt patterns to form images of girls… I’m sorry, I don’t know the official title…. felt fiddler? No, maybe not….Let’s stick with artist. Much better.

  8. Yay! my 5 little sisters* are back and they look like movie stars on the new header!!!!
    The mischievous faces are priceless on this one!! Love it!
    The new font is great! A font made from your own handwriting!! I only wonder if you did it only in capital letters? You know what they say about writting in caps lock on the net…..

    Can’t wait to see the next one!!! Your posts make me so happy!

    *(ever since I found your blog, you guys are my 5 little imaginary sisters hehe).

    1. I’m so undecided about the font! I want to try it out a few different ways. I did make it with lowercase, too, but I thought I’d try it out in all caps since it’s kind of comics tradition to do so…

      1. Yeah, try all the different options you have. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect one. Your own handwritting in the past ones looked great, it gave your work a warm homey look. As for me, now that I’ve seen the new font, they look more pro.
        But in the end, it’s your work. Don’t mind what we think. As long as you feel right about it and like it and keep enjoying what you do, we will all be happy. :)

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