A severe and unforeseen paper shortage in Cincinnati has forced me create today’s comic using finger puppets!










If you’re wondering how much trouble a kid gets in for a prank like that, the answer is A LOT.

By the way, I’m moving from Ohio to Florida to be closer to my family, so I’m afraid the paper is getting packed up for a few weeks. The girls will be back (and in paper) in May! :)

49 thoughts on “Foolin’

  1. April Fools! haha. It’s still cute. Have a safe move (I’m moving too! Just in the same city though) Hope everything goes smooth for you!

    1. :D Thanks Jackie! I hope your move goes smoothly, too! It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re moving across the country or across the street– a move is always hectic!

  2. Haha! Love the finger puppets too. Hope your move to Florida is safe and uneventful (even if it does make good blog material)!

  3. Good luck with the move! So happy to hear you’ll be closer to family. The family that lays down harsh punishment for a little good ol’ fashioned fun with salamanders.


    This is the only April Fool’s Day prank I haven’t wanted to stab with a sharpened spoon. <3

    Hope your move goes well. I know how hard it is with little ones.

  5. This reminds me so much of today (see my blog to find out how.)
    I’ve always liked your blog because it reminds me of my own family. Interesting change with the illustrations, though like the old ones better.

  6. I hope we get occasional finger puppet strips in the future, I loved this haha! Good luck with the move! I shall be patiently awaiting your return!

  7. Howdy stranger! You’re just as talented with fingers as with paper. What’s next – lunch-meat vignettes?

    Best of luck with your move (although most people head north in the winter, not when the blazing summer is approaching.)

    1. Ha! I did briefly consider fruit-sisters… Thanks for the well-wishes! I am a little afraid of moving down in the blazing heat with a projected large population of giant mosquitoes. And the wild pigs frighten me a little, too. I’m hoping my parents’ pool, free babysitting and hanging out with my sisters is enough to cancel out the bad!

  8. Bwa ha ha ha! Oh my, that’s great! I like the finger puppets almost as much as the paper comics you make. I look forward to more of either, really, I just hope you can find the time with your move!

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