58 thoughts on “The Tunnel Challenge

      1. Um, may I suggest the DRIVER take a pass on this game when going through the mountains? You know, because of that passing-out thing?

  1. I actually think I might stand a chance at winning that game. I like swimming underwater so naturally I can hold my breath for a while.

    1. Charlotte’s son used to get mad and hold his breath until he passed out. The first time I saw him do it, I freaked out! He turned blue! Like a cartoon! Kids are weird.

      1. Kids are weird. Think about how creepy that is! They get mad at you so they punish you by making you think that you caused their death!

  2. I don’t remember either my brother or I playing this game – and we went on a lot of road trips as kids.

    I do remember us playing “roller coaster” on really hilly stretches of road – complete with the clanks of the chains going up the hills and blood curdling screams going down the other side while we swayed from side to side depending on the curves. Come to think of it – I have no idea how my parents didn’t kill us the first time! :-)

    This was great!

  3. I never played that game growing up. I didn’t know what the kids were actually doing, but it was a funny post none-the-less. :)

  4. I also don’t remember playing that game, and I imagine my parents would have loved it since there were five of us. But then the only tunnel I remember going through was the one under the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. It terrified me because I kept looking at the water running down the tiled walls and expected the whole thing to collapse in on us.

  5. I held my breath the whole time I read that story. I’m a clarinetist, and it was still hard for me. Anyway, great story–I think Chrissy cheated too. One question, though–did the game continue after Charlotte passed out, or did your parents put the kibosh on the “tunnel game” (and bridge and graveyard game, apparently) out of concern for Charlotte’s (and everyone’s) health?

  6. LOVE this! Fantastic post. Love the journey through the tunnel with the lights – that’s genius, Nicole. I STILL do this even now that I’m the driver. Favourite one to do it through is the Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow.

  7. My daughter and I play tunnel games, too. Only, we shout at the top of our lungs to see if we can keep the shout going without taking in a breath all the way through the tunnel. If it’s a super super long tunnel, we see who could do the shout in the least amounts of breaths. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

    You get the idea. It’s noisy, but it’s fun!

  8. I didn’t actually get a chance to look at any of your panels because I scrolled down so fast to beat the challenge. I’m sure you did your usual fine job. ;)

  9. I’m a middle sister myself. exactly in the middle of 5 sisters. Who cares about those two brothers. If we did, my older brother is the middlest child. I always thought my mother invented this game to keep us from screaming through the tunnels. Maybe she did and the game just caught on….

  10. lol! Brought back memories. :)
    I didn’t cheat, I held out to then end.
    I try my best to get round to other Blogs and when I do I’m always pleasantly surprised.
    Thanks for artistically, giving me a smile….Have a good week,

  11. Brilliant. Your work is poetry. I’d expound on that but lack of oxygen from complying to your opening dare leaves me a bit brain dead and breathless! (The next generation of my family just requests for horn blowing. Hard on our ears, but much easier on the diaphragm!)

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