82 thoughts on “Who Wants Ice Cream?

      1. You mean, you were NEVER allowed to buy bubble gum, or just until a certain age, when you weren’t likely to stomp it into the floor, mash it into each other’s hair, or leave globs of previously-masticated gum on the furniture?

  1. Ha ha! No wonder he questioned the bubble gum. My dad hated when I ordered bubble gum ice cream. I can understand that now. But he only knew three flavosr and he summed them up as “neapolitan”. Glad to see you’re back in full swing!

      1. We haven’t had a story with Tess in it for a while. Just curious, though, how big is the age gap between her and Charlotte? In previous stories, I just assumed that your parents had all five of you fairly close together, but I guess that’s not the case.

  2. Did anyone else ever spit out the bubble gum from bubble gum ice cream into a napkin, so you could eat the ice cream first, and then chew all the gum afterwards? I saw a girl doing this one time at the beach, and part of me thought it was gross, but another part of me was jealous that I didn’t have the technique down.

  3. Another thing–Nicki, I really liked the way your father didn’t force you and your sisters to finish your ice cream after you said you were full, but rather, allowed you to listen to your bodies instead. A lot of adults don’t do this–instead, feel that they have to finish whatever they’re served, which leads to stomach upset in the moment, and obesity in the long run. On the other hand, it probably wasn’t healthy for your dad to eat four kids’ worth of leftover ice cream, but that’s what makes this story funny–I could just imagine what bubble gum, mint chocolate chip, lemon, and coffee ice cream would taste like all mixed together in the same cup. Why didn’t your dad just get you kiddie cones, or throw out the uneaten ice cream, or put it in the freezer for later if you were close to home?

  4. haha that’s hilarious! my father would have done the same. He was known as the “garbage disposal” in the best possible way :) always trust him to finish off a not-so-empty plate.

  5. This might be my favourite yet.

    It was only me when I was a kid, but this was my dad too. He STILL cleans my plate for me.

    1. But, that combination actually isn’t so gross–strawberry and blueberry/blue moon are both fruit flavours, and bubble gum blends well with both of them.

            1. No, I like it too, but I don’t remember my parents ever finishing food that my brother and I didn’t/couldn’t. However, my parents were big believers in “take what you need, and eat what you take,” and “don’t let your eyes become bigger than your stomach.”

  6. Haha! Hey, really dig the effort you put into all your art here. Your printer hates you!!! Just kidding. I chuckled on that one. The thing parents learn is they do not need to order for themselves usually!!!! Awesome post and blog. Enjoy the week!

  7. Ha! I don’t know how I missed this, Nicki – I love it. Your Dad was smart – he knew he would be called on to be the cleanup crew, right?

    I remember bubble gum ice cream. You really had to work to soften them up when you got one of those frozen little nuggets of gum in a bite of ice cream.

  8. Oh I just LOVE this!! I’m only the older sister in a family of two girls, but in my family we had an unwritten tradition that went like this: my parents would take us out for ice cream and my Mom and I would order butterscotch sundaes, my Dad would order hot fudge and my little sister would order strawberry. After about two bites my sister would look up at my Dad with her gigantic blue eyes and beautiful blond hair and a pout and say “Daddy…I don’t like it…can I have yours?” and my Dad would always trade with her even though he didn’t care for strawberry sundaes and my little sister would happily inhale his hot fudge. We did this for YEARS and it’s still a running joke whenever there’s ice cream at family gatherings.
    Looking forward to more of your clever, creative posts!

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