Good Doogie

Tess grew up in a haunted house. The ghost was mischievous, unpredictable, and ever-present. A little spooky, sure, but he was easy to laugh off in the light of day. At night, though… well, I think Tess can be excused for wanting an escort…












It’s time that long-suffering Doogie got some credit for being a Good Boy.

If you like Doogie, you might want to check out this entry from my sketchbook, Call of Doogie: Bark Ops.

Also, The Middlest Sister will now appear on, which is a cool way of browsing for new webcomics. The site displays just the first frame of webcomics, and if you decide you want to read the rest, you just click on the frame to take you to the comic right at the creator’s own site. Pretty neat!

57 thoughts on “Good Doogie

  1. I used to do this with my cats. Except you can’t really just call cats and expect them to follow you. So I’d have to pick them up and bring them into the bathroom with me.

  2. I wished my dog would just sleep through the bathroom visits. But he just HAD to accompany me everywhere. In my sleepy state, he tripped me more often than not.

  3. So cute! I need a Doogie! I will add this to the list of reasons we need a dog — so the evil ghost-witch doesn’t get me in the middle of the night. Thanks!

  4. Aw, my dog, Bear, used to have to escort me around the house when I thought I heard noises. It always helps when there’s “someone” near. Sweet post.

    1. Thanks :) Doogie hardly ever gets any respect (despite the fact that there is a portrait of him hanging in my parents’ living room), so I thought he deserved a little comic.

  5. My cats would totally throw me under the bus insted of protecting me from a ghost.

    I haven’t figured out your posting schedule, yet (forgive me if it’s listed here somewhere – I haven’t explored everything, yet). However, I know it’s going to be a good day when I see you in my Reader.

  6. I really love your work, but your passion for it slips through and I suspect you don’t find it work at all. Very, Very creative. P.S. I love Doogie.

    1. Ah, you got me! I love it. If it was my full-time job, I’d be the happiest girl in the world. Thanks for the Doogie-love! I’ll pass it on to him. Wait ’til he finds out he’s on the internet!

  7. Is that drool in the first picture? So funny! And kudos to Doogie for being such a great night-time guardian. :) Your pictures are really neat — how did you make them?

  8. first time reading this blog after suggested from the staff picks. brilliant! i’m instantly in love. my dog is my constant darkness pal.

    thanks for the incredible find. i’ll be a follower for sure :)

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