Picture Day

Days like this are always funny to look back on…. aren’t they, Charlotte? …Charlotte? Aren’t they?










I am participating in The Waiting’s “Remember the Time…” Blog Hop

Check out the original post here and read through the rest of the participants’ blog posts for more School Portrait memories. To participate yourself, follow the instructions at Emily’s site.

47 thoughts on “Picture Day

  1. Reminds me of Judith Viorst’s “Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” (one of my sons’ favorite books from their childhood)..

  2. Ah, memories! Add a dog slobbering all over my hair and some boys pile-driving my face into the dirt on the playground and that was my picture day. Well done, Nicole, this was one of my faves!

  3. Some days you just can’t smile. And sometimes you have to sit for a stupid photo on those no-smile days. Ugh…memories. There’s a smelly theme to laugh about!

  4. Love the kids in line with the combs. My kids always come home with pictures where their hair is combed into the worst hairstyles. Whomever did it clearly does not style hair at all. I always hated picture day too. Now that I’m on the opposite side, it’s not much better. Love the work you put into this!

  5. Perfect frumpy face!

    My mom had a great love of dressing me up like a “Little House on the Prairie” girl for many delicate early years of my life (until I was in 5th grade!). I never had the heart to tell her that her sweet handmade dresses were not very fashionable, so there are a lot of school pictures with me looking like I was dragged in from a different time period.

  6. I love this! Those wonderful/terrible school pictures are like little time capsules. I don’t think do-overs and air-brushing should be allowed, at least not in grade school. A horrible picture is character building, right Charlotte? Right?

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