49 thoughts on “The Paperboy

  1. I know of a paperboy who used to make a note of what time varous family members were home. He’d collect from the father when the mom wasn’t home, then again from the mother when the father wasn’t home. It was years before the family got wise to the duplicate payments.

  2. I once filled in for a friend when her family went on vacation. All I really remember was one woman saying, “I don’t have ANY money,” and looking at me like it was my fault. Yuck.

    Funny thing about Japan. Paper routes are always done by adult men. I’m used to it now, but it struck me as really odd when I first got here.

  3. My favorite part is the story implies Chrissy only says “AAGH” because it’s the paperboy. As if it would be okay had it been someone else. LOL! Beautiful work.

  4. haha! I was a paper girl for years. When I was 12 I took over my older brother’s route. Thankfully, the above never happened to me. Just good things, like the one little old lady who would always leave me an entire Twix or Snickers bar with my tips. I felt like I hit the lottery every day.

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