House Rule No. 4

Anyone who ever spent more than ten minutes at our house became familiar with this rule.












Previous house rules:
Rule No. 1
Rule No. 2
Rule No. 3





62 responses to “House Rule No. 4”

  1. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Harsh but fair.

    By the way, was this the one you were making when you mentioned on Twitter that you had dropped a really tiny bit of material…?

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Oh, no, that was for my huge, not-so-secret project :D

  2. Marcia Avatar

    My father-in-law had his favorite chair. When the family all got together it was hard for him to keep his seat. He developed quite a trick deflecting our attention away so that the person in his chair would leave it for reclaiming by him. Funny that the only ones who eventually would fall for this trick were blood relatives; we in-laws wouldn’t bite. His tricks always involved something he saw outdoors that would require going to a window. One day he exclaimed from the kitchen, “Look! A hot air balloon is going up at the ballpark!” Nobody got up. Nobody responded. He got quite animated before anybody actually checked out his story. There WAS a hot air balloon at the ball park just leaving the ground! Ha!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      That is so cute and funny!

  3. talesfromthemotherland Avatar

    Love the new header! And Stinking little ferret… bahahaha!

  4. Chatter Master Avatar

    Ours was “I CALL MY SEAT”. Once those words were spoken you could NOT take the abandoned chair. Ever.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Ever?? Truly magical words :)

  5. NanaBread Avatar

    OMG. I also have four sisters, and this it TOTALLY US!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Haha! I wonder if the five Bennett sisters also did things like this, between the lines.

  6. notquiteold Avatar

    We had assigned seats. Assigned by Dad. No arguments. He got the best one.

    1. Soul Walker Avatar


      I am not sure why but I think that is hilarious.

      -Soul Walker

      1. notquiteold Avatar

        My father certainly thought so.

    2. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Ha! Father knows (and gets) best!

  7. salomeanulisch Avatar

    Hahaha! I love it!

  8. rubble2bubble Avatar

    This was absolutely priceless.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Glad you liked it! :D

  9. dearanonymousfriend Avatar

    sounds familiar… well, when the kids were here, now hubby and I sit in our assigned seats and are content…

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      That sounds wonderful…

  10. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me? Avatar

    Haha love this, we didn’t even wait five minutes in my house per the you snooze you loose rule

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Yeah, we started out with “On your feet, lose your seat,” but the fights were so numerous, Dad decreed that they be spread out at least by 5 minutes… :D

  11. JackieP Avatar

    When we were younger me and my siblings could do this to each other. Mom and dad had their own seats and we didn’t dare grab them! It got to the point we kids didn’t even sit in Dad’s chair when he was working and we were home! It was just his, period.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Wow! My mom’s seat was the best one– right by the wood-burning stove. It was heaven in winter. I stole it as often as I could. :)

  12. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    damn i loved your seasonal headers. you are killing me.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks! I couldn’t resist giving them costumes. I love Halloween!

  13. TheGreatPlainsPoet Avatar

    I love the 5 minute rule!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      We still invoke it to this day. It’s a powerful rule.

  14. whisperingiris Avatar

    Not even for popcorn? Hardcore . . .

  15. PinotNinja Avatar

    Growing up, we played a reverse concept of the five minute rule. If you vacated prime butt real estate, another sibling would immediately take your spot. But, if you returned within a set amount of time (about 5 minutes), you could kick them out and take it back. If you were absent for “too long,” then your spot was adversely possessed.

    Hours were spent discussing the finer points of how long was “too long.” The three of us have yet to settle on a definition.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Haha! That’s great!

  16. whatimeant2say Avatar

    I think 5 minutes is way more than fair. Of course in our house, there is one comfy chair. And it belongs to Wonderbutt. Fortunately, he deigns to allow me to share it with him.

    Love the Halloween header!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Naturally, Wonderbutt would get it :) Very nice of His Highness to share!

  17. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    Story of my life growing up with 5 brothers! Of course, my own kids do the same thing now. We have this one super comfy recliner and they’ve actually managed to schedule who gets to sit in it on specific days. (love your new banner!)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Wow, what co-operative children you have! Very impressive.

  18. The Waiting Avatar

    This is so fantastically wonderful!

  19. becomingcliche Avatar

    HAHAHAHAHA! We must have lived in the same house!

    Love the new banner!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you! I’m glad you found an internet connection long enough to check in :) Come baaaaaack to us!

  20. honestlymodest Avatar

    I totally understand! Even though after a while each member of the family had “their” seat, we would always try to take the one with the best view of the tv!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Of course! I remember one particular Friday night, a big fight broke out and my father banished us all to the floor. We piled pillows and blankets and made a big nest right in front of the tv, and it was actually kinda nice :)

  21. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    I thought the 5 minute rule was about dropping food on the floor and eating it without harm to yourself if you picked it up before 5…oh no, that was 5 seconds, not 5 minutes!

  22. Janelle Weibelzahl Avatar

    5 seconds in my house…

  23. Soul Walker Avatar

    I love the seasonal header.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks! I hope Tess likes her manatee costume. I worked really hard on it… :D

      1. Soul Walker Avatar

        Hahaha! It looks fantastic. They all do!

  24. muddledmom Avatar

    I am impressed that you all managed to wait for five minutes! Love the fight scene. Right now my kids are small enough that they fit in the best seat together. Not sure what will happen the day they finally don’t.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I can tell you what will happen. The bigger one will sit on the smaller one until the smaller one squeals and then hair will be pulled and then someone (maybe both) will yell “I’m telling!” and then they’ll find you hiding under a sink and then you’ll pretend you weren’t hiding from them, gather your dignity and then race them to the seat and declare it yours for all eternity.

      1. muddledmom Avatar

        I love how you had all the pieces scattered in that scene. You always have such original ideas! If I ever find someone under the sink, I’ll be so shocked, I’ll get over the argument. That’s hilarious.

  25. Kylie Avatar

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  26. Eda Avatar

    Love the Halloween costumes, especially the walrus. I always save your posts for last because they’re the best.

  27. authorwilliamcrawford Avatar

    I always paid my brother to sit in my comfy chair for me, while I made a sandwich. Worked out great.

  28. jensine Avatar

    loving your banner and the barbie

  29. elizabethjaneclarke Avatar

    This is ridiculously cute… and realistic! GREAT blog x

  30. queenbimbo Avatar

    Oh my giddy aunt! How I laughed reading this! Great post, and I love the handmade made scenes, you’re one talented lady!

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