The Hands-Down Tree

Deep in the woods behind our house– okay, technically less than half a mile in the woods behind our house– there grew the spookiest tree in the world. The moment I first laid on it, it gave me chills. Even just the memory of it today gives me the willies. If a tree could be haunted, this one was haunted. If a tree could be cursed, this one was cursed. If a tree could dance naked by the light of the full moon and then go cackling away on a broomstick… this tree surely did.

I found a satellite image of the ol’ woods this morning and was thrilled to find that the Hands-Down Tree still stands. Now, I realize this is a bit like looking at a stranger’s ultrasound photo, but for the benefit of my sisters and some childhood friends, here is the image:


Look! You can still see it! It stands to this day! I hope some other kids have found it and now it invades their nightmares. Um, I mean that in the tenderest way possible. I miss you, old Tree.









57 thoughts on “The Hands-Down Tree

  1. WordPress recommended your blog to me and I’ve just spent ages going through the archives. I LOVE it!!
    One thing is confusing me though… if you are Nikki (the oldest) how are you the middlest sister? Isn’t Chrissy the one in the middle? Or have I misunderstood something?

    1. No, you haven’t misunderstood :) I wanted Chrissy to sort of be the “star” since she was, after all, the middlest and tended to be overlooked. Thanks for reading, I’m so happy to hear that you like the comics! :)

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