Date Night








Anyone else have parents who would seat the kids at a separate table in restaurants?


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  1. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    That’s adorable. Whenever we were seated at a separate table we were still in eye sight. Your parents were very brave. I love the two sticking their glasses to their chin with suction. I use to sport a ring mark on my chin for hours after doing that.

    1. creative pixie Avatar
      creative pixie

      Ha ha! So true -I had a purple chin once from doing that.

  2. JackieP Avatar

    Ah brings back memories. Except we were never out of sight and if we did something that was not polite we got a spanking once we got home. No funny stuff at our table! ;-)

  3. Annù Avatar

    awww that’s awful! <3

  4. muddledmom Avatar

    Not what I was expecting! Cute. We have done this with our kids and their cousins. They are so wild together, we just let the wait staff deal with them and leave a big tip. ;) (Not really. They are within sight and they’re pretty good. And they like the independence. And we like not having to listen to their conversations.)

  5. katyhancock Avatar

    That’s too cute! Are they sucking the glasses to their face?

  6. speaker7 Avatar

    I love the exploding soda.

  7. Elyse Avatar

    There were five of us. We went out once that I recall. And yup, at a separate table.

  8. talesfromthemotherland Avatar

    Single mom… she went out without us. Love this one!

  9. bloggeretterized Avatar

    No, never had that, as I was a single child for a way too long time! :) Always sat with mom and dad. But I’m sure you guys have great memories about your “sister dates” :) Their facial expressions are fenomenal!!

  10. notquiteold Avatar

    I wish! I would have felt so grown up!

  11. dearanonymousfriend Avatar

    hubby and I did that a couple times, the girls thought it was fun…. I was afraid they would get out of control!

  12. deideedesigns Avatar

    Ha! Not only in restaurants, but at holiday dinners, as well. It actually WAS kinda nice! Love the paper cutouts. :-D

  13. Jae Avatar

    Ha! This is adorable. :)

  14. Shan On Route Avatar
    Shan On Route

    Very cute :)

  15. Shannon Avatar

    HA! I completely forgot that my parents did this. Hm…even a big tip sounds cheaper than a babysitter.

    You are pulling memories out of my archives I didn’t even know I had. That ivy and the partition — could have been the same Chinese restaurant.

    Love the sucky-face thing with the drinking glasses; I still do this with my kids at restaurants. And shoot straw paper at each other. And how to make water come up backward from the straw with a finger. Okay…on second thought, maybe I SHOULDN’T leave them at a separate table.

  16. PinotNinja Avatar

    That is brilliant — we would have LOVED that if my parents had given us our own table and it might have saved them a bundle on babysitters and bribing us to behave when we were home alone with take out pizza.

  17. Eda Avatar

    Wonderful. I love how you use an old typewriter for the dialog.

  18. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Ha, I like that. I don’t think my parents ever did that, they kept me and my brothers under close guard.

    Your mum is very stylish in the dress and brown boots, I can see where you got your sense of flair from.

  19. tdawneightyone Avatar

    So cute. Loved this. I tried this once and spent the entire meal shooting daggers with my eyes so they would knock off their naughtiness! Now I just call the babysitter. :)

  20. themysterymeat Avatar

    No way. We would have gotten us all kicked out. It was hard enough to control us within arms reach.

  21. Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 1 | Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

    […] one is based on my mom’s outfit from my last Middlest Sister comic, Date Night. If I could be exactly as stylish as my mother in the late ’70s, early ’80s, I would be […]

  22. Jen Connelly Avatar
    Jen Connelly

    We do this with our kids mainly because there’s 5 of them and we can’t always find a booth/table big enough so we started letting the older 3 sit near by. Now all 5 of them will go sit together somewhere and we’ll sit alone. If there’s space.

    Or we just leave them all home. Our oldest three are 13, 12 and 11 so they watch the younger two who are 7 1/2 and 3. We go out for our anniversary now and sometimes just for a random date night even!

  23. Rae Avatar

    Haha, I’m not sure I ever got seated at another table at a restaurant, but in our home when company was over, yes! I guess my parents didn’t trust me and my brothers very much, which they were probably right to do.

  24. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    hahah good idea! but wouldnt it have been cheaper to get a babysitter?

  25. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    My patents still won’t let me out of their sight: and I am married with three children of my own!!!

  26. Madame Weebles Avatar

    Wow, this immediately time warped me back to my childhood. I’m an only child but every so often either my parents would take me out with some of my friends, or one of my friends parents would take us out. And sometimes we’d get to sit AT OUR VERY OWN TABLE. It was so freaking exciting. And then there was the Kids’ Table at holiday dinners, which was fun too, but it wasn’t nearly as glamorous as having your own table or booth at a restaurant.

  27. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife Avatar

    oh my that’s funny. never had that happen but great idea! :)

  28. Charlotte Belanger III Avatar

    I love a mom and dad comic. And mom’s “I don’t know…i’m just a little worried…” expression. And the green vines. And Littleton Sub Shoppe. This entire comic basically.

  29. Charlotte Belanger III Avatar

    Ashley’s peaceful expression as she sucks grape soda into her nose.

  30. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    Ha! My kids do this now. They’ll beg to sit at their own little spot and I have to admit, I’m alllllll for it!

  31. Minuscule Moments Avatar

    So cool, I love your work.

  32. publikworks Avatar

    I’m not sure, but they may have preferred separate restaurants.

    PS. You continue to dazzle me.

  33. Rebecca, Mom of 6, Wife of 1 ;-) Avatar
    Rebecca, Mom of 6, Wife of 1 ;-)

    I love the date cartoon!! We would SO do that, just so we could talk…to each other!!! Date nights are so important and this year, we hope to get them on the calendar a little more!!!

  34. Misfit Drifters Avatar

    Your cartoons are adorable! I just keep reading them! I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, very creative stuff.

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