Tinsel in Your Eye

Why tinsel is no longer welcome in the Belanger household…


(There is some debate as to who actually took the bite of the inedible gingerbread cookie ornament. So, to be fair, it might actually have been like this:
tinsel1a )









The tinsel was eventually fished from Ashley’s eye, but the ornament remained in disgrace for decades to follow. Here is the only photo I have of the ornament:


No, no– ignore how cute Charlotte is cuddling Rapunzel and how dazzling my mom looks in her greeny-yellow sweater. Focus on that bit of tinsel, please. It won an award, you know.

24 thoughts on “Tinsel in Your Eye

  1. Ha ha, this is a great one! That eyeball is freaking me out and I can’t stop scrolling back up to look at it.

    And that faux-wood finish on the TV reminds of the days when everything was right with the world.


  2. Everyone has a different version of every story, don’t they? I can’t believe the real culprit never admitted to eating the gingerbread. So funny. That’s a great picture. It’s fun to see some of the family behind the stories. Your mom is beautiful.

  3. I absolutely love your paper applique (did I spell that right?) artwork! I’m a middle sister too. The oldest of 2 middle sisters.

  4. Very cute…as is your mom and your sister. We had to eliminate tinsel because the cat kept trying to eat it. It made me gag when I was pulling it out of her throat…yards and yards of it.

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