31 thoughts on “The Valentine Code

  1. I wasn’t that subtle either. I remember putting my valentine on a boy’s desk and just standing there grinning at him. He probably still didn’t get the hint.

    Love your new cast of characters page!

  2. There was no room for Valentine’s Day crushes in my elementary school. Everyone had to get the same Valentine. The most we could do was give someone the card with the most “romantic” message. But, even then, 6 other people got the same card.

  3. The intricacy of your artwork never fails to amaze me. I was way too shy to give a Valentine’s card to anyone I liked. Of course, if I had thought of lines like this, it might have been a different story.

  4. I remember school Valentine’s Day parties, and even a few “private home” Valentine’s Day parties that my friends had. We did Valentine cards, but we stopped after grade three or four or so, which meant that crushes hardly ever entered into the picture. Anyway, the whole thing seems like a hassle. If I was doing something with kids for Valentine’s Day, I’d make a craft with them that they could take home to their parents (something useful, like a magnet, picture frame, or a decorated flower pot), give out candy, maybe play a few games (to burn off the sugar high), and call it good. That way, there wouldn’t be any angst about crushes, or not wanting to give the class bully a Valentine, or any of that other stuff.

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