58 thoughts on “War Queens

  1. This is brilliant! Your artwork really keeps getting more and more amazing – I’m just awestruck by these panels. And the game is brilliant too ;) Made up games are often the best kind! :)

  2. My family makes up games all the time but thankfully they don’t end this way. I think rules are meant to be broken, in games anyway. And only if I say so. Does that make me queen?

  3. 5 stars as always!!!! Your parent’s faces are so perfect! It amazes me how you make the perfect facial expressions on your characters!
    I have a question: Did your dolls and teddy bear on the bed look like the ones on this post? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in any naughty way but I must say, the naked Barbie is a work of art!!!

  4. Yeah, the toys are awesome–you never spare any details, Nicki. One thing, though–is that a green Angry Birds pig in the third and fifth panels? Are you playing “spot the pop culture anachronism,” or is it supposed to be a Popple?

  5. So glad you were queens and not princesses. Princesses are always helpless and have no clue where to hit someone with a spatula to greatest effect without mom figuring it out!

    1. Strangely, I don’t remember us ever pretending to be princesses. Treasure hunters, spies, pirates, all sorts of animals, figure skaters, aliens, ghosts, fortune tellers, movie stars, even priests, just off the top of my head…. but I can’t remember ever pretending to be a princess.

  6. Brilliant. You’ve gone totally three dimensional! Love the teeth in the Queen Kickier panel. We used to play a game where the only rule was that when it was your turn, you had to make up a rule. It never lasted long–nobody could remember all the rules.

  7. Funny, I never thought of cards as a contact sport.

    This is probably my favorite of all of your wonderful work. Brilliant detail! And if you were planning to just let your daughter trash the panel, I happen to know a certain kind, devoted blogger who would LOVE to have it. Did I mention how particularly lovely you look today? :)

  8. Love all the detail and facial expressions – amazing! I like how you added the parents’ perspective at the end. Being a parent myself now, I think back to all my sisters and I did and have a completely new appreciation for my parents. They were saints! As a mom I’ve said “What are they DOING up there?” sooooooo many times. :)

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