44 thoughts on “Girl Detectives

  1. LOL yeah, sisters will be like that, they see you do something they all want to do it. It was well done, especially all in black and white. Way good!

  2. My sister has a face like a lead pipe, too! Sisters are so sweet to each other. My older sister always called me “Dumb DeeDee Dumb Dumb! But I was truly, extremely nice to her!
    Love your art form! You do great work with it!

  3. Ha ha ha. What a great story. So funny. Loved the black and white touch with light and shade to create the atmosphere. The buildup and then the line: “I want to be a detective too.” I’ve never had sisters and so I look forward to your posts to sort of live vicariously through your sisterhood adventures.

  4. This was hilarious and so well-made! I’m the middlest sister myself, in between two girls. (The reason I followed your blog, besides the crafty creativity and the hilarity, is because of the title, hehe). You capture the amusing dynamic between siblings really awesomely!

  5. You have totally made my day with this one, Nicole! SO well done! I was all about mysteries and detective stories as a kid. I even have several books I wrote about the agency I started up with my best friend and our first case was “the missing legwarmer”.

  6. Oh that was fun. As the youngest, I was always stuck with being the bad guy or having the crime. Usually I was relegated to being the family pet. It is a wonder I grew up at all!

  7. Reblogged this on The Middlest Sister and commented:

    Hi everyone! I’m really busy with a crazy move right now, so I’m re-blogging one of my favorite comics from last year. I am only having one studio day a week right now, and I am working on several different fun projects besides The Middlest Sister, but I will do my best to get a fresh new comic out by the end of the month. Until then, please enjoy this reblog :)

    1. SO glad you reblogged this. I missed it the first time and it’s definitely one of my favorites! (Though nothing can to “Are We Almost There” as far as I am concerned…)

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