34 thoughts on “Children Under 8 Eat Free

  1. Oh hahahahahah! I’m always trying to scam the children’s menu system, but my husband and certain kids are too honest/oblivous/verbal to let me succeed. So funny.

  2. I’ll never forget when I went fishing with my family once and a park ranger came upon us. He asked how old I was and I hesitated a few minutes before I admitted I was 16, so we got a ticket because I didn’t have a fishing license (in California, at least, anyone over 15 needs one). It was funny because my step-dad couldn’t exactly be upset with me for not lying, but I still felt really bad.

  3. This sure brought back memories! My mother always asked me to lie on the bus, so she wouldn’t have to pay my fare. I never did. I was a rebel at three!

  4. My parents used to try to pass me and my older sister off as twins to avoid paying for an extra room in hotels. We’d wear identical shirts and stagger our entry. Oh, the deception.

    Great post.

  5. Funny!! But that’s why I always just bite the bullet and pay…don’t want to teach the kids wrong because for those kids that are very tall for their age (which we have several), they will honestly say their age without all the drama.

  6. So funny! Love the comments too. Thankfully my son gave me a heads-up in the car before we went in to get his haircut–he was now 11 and he’d be charged the adult price. I knew he’d tell them too and he did. Embarrassment averted.

  7. LOL too funny. As the oldest sister (married and moved out of my childhood home) I often take my younger siblings out and ALWAYS force them to use the kids’ pricing whenever they’re close to the limit. So glad I found this blog!

  8. Good for you for being honest! Out of the mouths of babes… you knew at that age a scam was afoot and that you didnt’ want to be part of it. :)) I’m a youngest sister btw.

  9. I actually told my daughter, once, that I could not quite recall her age and that she should tell the waitress what SHE recalled….which should be 7…or 6. She was 8, too! LOLOL!! The things we do to save a little money!!

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