The Recital











37 responses to “The Recital”

  1. notquiteold Avatar

    Sometimes we just don’t feel like it.

  2. becomingcliche Avatar

    There was a kid at Squish’s graduation that behaved just this way.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      There’s always one…

      1. becomingcliche Avatar

        And invariably, they steal the show!

  3. thisismajorr Avatar

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    this is too cute!

  4. Jennie Saia Avatar

    I like this little girl.

  5. epicaldragon13 Avatar

    I’m not a fan of dresses or that sort of dancing, so if I was plonked up on stage like that, I know I would be grouching!

  6. swo8 Avatar

    I think we’ve all been there.

  7. Michelle Avatar

    I have to admit I’m a little jealous of people who are brave – or obstinate or just ornery – enough to follow their real feelings in situations like this!

    1. Reheated Coffee Avatar

      I know what you mean! She didn’t want to perform and she didn’t. She might have made the recital a little less perfect, but at least she made it memorable, I hope?

  8. Rae Avatar

    I remember one occasion when I was little when my brothers and cousins were all meeting and getting pictures taken with the Easter Bunny and I basically did this the whole time.

  9. Ande Avatar

    That’s me at just about every social gathering, only my dress is way cuter.

  10. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    haha! My daughter tends to do this with most events in life. Except dancing. That is the one thing she loves to do. Last night at my college graduation I looked up in the stands and there she was, pouting back at me as usual, all grump.

    1. Elyse Avatar

      Congrats, DARLA!!!!!!

  11. muddledmom Avatar

    This is great. It’s exactly how I felt for my recitals but instead I ended up going through the movements and messing up royally. Love the details in this one!

  12. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    There is always one. I often wonder if these are the ones that grow up and are super successful or super unsuccessful. I also wonder if they are still miserable.

  13. Found This Painted That Avatar

    I have three daughters. You’ve pegged them. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your posts. Mostly laugh I think!

  14. Jan Moyer Avatar

    I am the mother of the male version of that kid.

    So proud.

  15. catherinemryan Avatar

    “I will not perform for you.”

  16. Elyse Avatar

    When I was in acting training, studying musical comedy, we were told that the one person who was off beat or doing the wrong moves would be the one everybody noticed. It’s absolutely true. I remember reading that Goldie Hawn used that to her advantage throughout her early career. Obviously this kid was a star in the making!

  17. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    She knew how to upstage the other girls…

  18. Nicetomeetu Avatar

    I absolutely love your work. So creative and always brings a smile! :)

  19. Splendid Empress Avatar

    I love your blog. This piece is a particular favorite!

  20. Domino Park Comics Avatar

    We are the children with a lot of self-worth. We please no one if we are not pleased ourselves.

  21. Burns the Fire Avatar

    I like a girl who follows her own road.

  22. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    hahaha clearly a natural show woman

  23. Emily Avatar

    Nicki, what was going on here? Were you forced to take dance classes against your will, or did you want to dance, but not want to do the recital?

  24. Jackie Cangro Avatar

    Yep, that was me through all of my childhood dance recitals. Except my costumes had sequins and tulle, and I had to wear giant feathers in my hair. *shudder*

    1. Emily Avatar

      Did you ever tell your parents you didn’t want to do the dance recitals? I mean, I totally understand if they didn’t listen–my dad forced me to play golf off and on from ages six to fourteen, and whenever I said I didn’t like it, he said that I “hadn’t given it enough of a chance.” Finally, after a disastrous experience with a girls’ scramble league (my mom actually ended up coaching my team), I was finally allowed to quit, after my mom put her foot down and told my dad that no, I really don’t like golf. Aside from glow-in-the-dark mini golf, I haven’t played since.

  25. Shannon Avatar

    That is just priceless! Every family’s got one. Great job on the art, as usual, and for making me feel part of the audience.

  26. Alex Hurst Avatar
    Alex Hurst

    Hahaha, I just went through this with a kindergarten presentation a month ago. :P

  27. monicastangledweb Avatar

    Okay, so which sister was having a bad day? ;)

  28. pegoleg Avatar

    Just like at every kindergarten Christmas pageant, the kid goofing off over in the corner gets all the attention. Love the curtain going down on her grump – you’re really techno!

    1. Emily Avatar

      I don’t think it’s really fair to force a child to dance/sing/act/play a musical instrument or a sport, if that child has clearly said that he or she doesn’t want to do it.

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  30. adinalovescarebears Avatar

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