27 thoughts on “Congratulations On Your Future Success

    1. Who says Chrissy ate the whole cake? I mean, Ashley didn’t have to eat the whole cake to have good luck in the election (by the way, Nicki, you never did tell us if she won), so why would Chrissy have to eat the entire “awesomeness” cake in order to be awesome? Either way, I think it worked. ;)

        1. Yeah, okay, you’re right. It just blows my mind that Chrissy could have baked and consumed an entire cake by herself without either getting caught, or getting sick to her stomach.

  1. Oh, wait, I missed that she won. I guess pre-emptive cakes really do work, unless the goal is weight loss, or reversing Type 2 Diabetes or celiac disease, or a cavity-free visit to the dentist, or anything that the consumption of cake inherently thwarts.

  2. Okay, I also missed that Chrissy did, in fact, eat the whole awesomeness cake. My reading AND picture comprehension are both sluggish today. Did she throw up afterwards? Anyway, I’m thinking that it’s not so much the cake that did it, but the encouragement of the whole family, so the effect would be the same if the family had made, say, a non-edible banner. Eating cake alone in the dark accomplishes nothing–I was just being sarcastic before.

  3. Practical question, though–in another story, Chrissy couldn’t even finish an ice cream cone by herself, so how did she manage to eat an entire cake?

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