This one is a sliiiiight jump-ahead to a vacation we took during the teenage years.















29 responses to “Departure”

  1. bymarion Avatar

    brilliant :-)

  2. becomingcliche Avatar

    I covet those boots!

    3 different flights? With a CAT? Where were you going?

  3. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

    We were returning home from a long vacation :)

  4. Michael Cargill Avatar

    That copper felt the unstoppable might… OF THE MIDDLEST SISTER.

  5. Dodisharkicorn Avatar

    The eyes on the cat are killing me.

  6. Maggie Wilson Avatar

    love the cowboy boots. And the cat.

  7. Indian Ad Divas Avatar

    Happy Father’s Day to your dad! :D

  8. JackieP Avatar

    LOL sympathy always works

  9. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    HAHAHA! Brilliant!

  10. Corie Avatar

    Ashley’s Weezer shirt! :D OMG. Love it!

  11. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    Your father probably got away with a lot just using that one line. “I’ve got five daughters.” I can picture him a in a bar with the stranger next to him saying to the bar tender. “Give this guy a drink on me. Make it a double”.

  12. babyonblog Avatar

    I love the Weezer shirt.

  13. ScrapperJude Designs Avatar

    I love your art, humor and creativity. Great blog!!!!

  14. talesfromthemotherland Avatar

    Nicole, this is wonderful! Your posts always make my day… but this one cracked me up! Love that boots!

  15. welikethemoon Avatar

    The cat is cracking me up… those eyes in the cage!

  16. Baldeep Kaur Avatar

    You are very talented. Great work!

  17. Lynda Avatar

    I’m going to send this to my Dad. :). Funny and charming as always!

  18. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer Avatar

    That was wonderful. Sometimes an explanation is the worst kind of truth a policeman can hear: and I know they hear many crazy excuses. Delightful, as always!

  19. julieallyn Avatar

    I’m the eldest of 6 girls and my mother comes from a family of 8 girls!

  20. Sherlock Avatar

    My Daddy has five daughters too…we get away with a lot.

  21. littleblindgirl Avatar

    Awesome! Horrifying, but awesome!

  22. ckgirl Avatar

    I love your blog!

  23. monicastangledweb Avatar

    Did this really happen?? Where’d you all go and who was taking the cat on their trip? Too funny!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Ha, yes it did! We were on a long summer trip (Dad took a summer job across the country, so the poor cat came with.)

  24. sarahgarrison Avatar

    This is great! I am one of five girls too. I look forward to reading more!

  25. Kara B. Wilson Avatar

    I love this and can definitely relate! I have six sisters and I’m in the middle–though my family is a “blended” modern family since they’re not all related to each other (divorce/remarriage). But any house dominated by girls makes for an entertaining time! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  26. cindymunoz773 Avatar

    Reblogged this on A Beautiful Letdown and commented:
    Not feeling very bloggy today, so I’ll leave you with a reblog. This is from one of my favorite blogs, The Middlest Sister. Seriously, check it out when you can. Quite cool and hilarious!

  27. careabouteducation Avatar

    Reblogged this on careabouteducation and commented:
    Nice share :D

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