Wish Upon a Star












32 responses to “Wish Upon a Star”

  1. Michael Cargill Avatar

    The special effects are fantastic.

    If you get a phonecall from George Lucas asking if you want a job working on his next Star Wars film, I hope you don’t forget your original fans.

  2. catherinemryan Avatar

    I always thought a wish wouldn’t come true unless I sang Jimminy Cricket’s wish upon a star song from Pinocchio.

  3. Jan Moyer Avatar

    The facial expressions in the final frame are perfect.

  4. swo8 Avatar

    Cute! Guess I’ll keep my wishes to myself.

  5. Tracy Avatar

    I ADORE your blog – you are so creative!!

  6. sleepycathollow Avatar

    I was just going to yell out….DON’T TELL HER!!!!

  7. aqilaqamar Avatar

    what the hell so mean of her sister

  8. bottledworder Avatar

    You have such a great sense of humour! And the facial expression of Big Sis is great in the last frame.

  9. Elyse Avatar

    There’s nothing like a sister to really piss you off, is there?

    Love the special effects!

  10. JackieP Avatar

    Ah, siblings, I know what they do to younger ones well. ;-)

  11. dearanonymousfriend Avatar

    they get you every time, don’t they… only the middle sisters are the best…

  12. QueridaJ Avatar

    The shooting star animation was a real treat….. Haha yup a secret wish is so much more special ;)

  13. moosha23 Avatar

    that smirk though… :D

  14.  Avatar

    love the animation

  15. Dounia Avatar

    Oh I was sure that’s what was coming! Ah siblings… ;) I love the facial expressions in the last image – they’re just perfect.

  16. becomingcliche Avatar

    Chrissy looks so smug! I love it!

  17. LUGS Avatar

    now that’s unfair!! >:(

  18. Eda Avatar

    Chrissy’s eyebrows on her hair are a very nice touch!

  19. mercyputri Avatar

    Very like my mom

  20. geemolina Avatar

    Love it!!!!!
    That is quite mean there! Hahahhaahaa.

  21. credmayne Avatar

    Oh – that smirk!!!

  22. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    So very spot on! These sisters make me miss mine.

  23. Shimona from the Palace Avatar

    I find there is something very – I don’t know, maybe “soothing” is the word I’m searching for – in your collages.

  24. muddledmom Avatar

    And I bet that was the last wish she ever told anyone. Great, laugh-out-loud one. Loved it!

  25. monicastangledweb Avatar

    Isn’t that just like a sister to force your hand and that not give up hers? Shoot.

  26. Michelle Avatar

    Fantastic as always! I love the doggie splayed out like the girls.

  27. pegoleg Avatar

    Hey, you stuck a movie in there, Nicki – way to go all techno!

  28. SARA Avatar

    Lovely post.

  29. Cyranny Avatar

    Hello :) Found your blog through Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes’ link…. I’ll be looking forward to your next posts :) xx

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