38 thoughts on “Cupcake

  1. My little brother’s class was once raising a pet duck (he was in second or third grade, I think). On weekends they all took turns bringing it home. When my brother brought it home, he let it roam around his room with the door open and… our dog promptly killed it. That was a fun one for him to explain to his class.

  2. I love the pleading eyes!
    I had a pet chick once, too. We found it one day under our pear tree. – It did end up on the plate, though but I only found that out 30 years later. I was outraged!

  3. You dad is a softie.

    An old boyfriend’s parents go him and his twin sister colored chickens on Easter. That night, their do ate them. They were replaced secretly with new chicks who were different colors. Neither kid noticed!

  4. We kept chickens for a while, but not for the table. We only named one, and she lived the longest, though we ‘retired’ our final three birds to a small holding who had a lonely one eyed rooster called Steve. They were cute and paid their way with eggs until retirement.

  5. We had two chickens as kids too but thru both grew up to be male which meant they woke up the neighborhood at sunrise every day >.< Eventually my parents had had enough and sent the chickens of to their aunt's farm :(

  6. Oh my God, this is too adorable! And I really relate because I’ve had five chickens as pets throughout my life. The latest one was raised to adulthood in an apartment! He used to chill on the balcony, and somehow never tried committing accidental suicide. But damn, he pooped a lot.

    But he was awesome and we loved him. (This was in Lebanon. In spring, people would sell chickens to elementary school children with poor impulse control. Seriously, right outside the schools you had people with large cages full of baby chicks sold for cheap). My little sister bought one home. That bird flourished to a mini chubby chicken. We called him Soosy. (Chicky, in Arabic). He was superific.

  7. Your dad sure was a pushover. But then, that’s love for you. I remember back when I was living in Venezuela with my Uncle and Aunt, me and my cousin each brought home a baby chick from a fair we attended. Next thing I know, my aunt cooked those chicks when they grew a little. Somehow, I lost my appetite.

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