21 thoughts on “Beware!

    1. O_O that is a bit extreme but I guess honest. I miss my bro he lives away. Growing up with him was nice though I think he started not liking me as I grew older :( and I got alienated from him too

  1. OH yeah. The boys who steal your candy. I still have flashbacks of pleading with Paul Koch to at least give back the pillowcase so my mom didn’t KILL me.

  2. Your attention to detail is so exquisite :) The little brown boots look they have small dry rice embedded within it. How is sashays with the stripes so perfectly and the little skull basket on your princess sister and the little pumpkin baskets so lovely how it is executed :)

        1. Okay, that threw me off. It didn’t occur to me that you’d dress as a male character. Hamburglar is male, so I was pretty sure you were supposed to be a witch, until I saw that your hat wasn’t pointed.

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