31 thoughts on “Wiggly Tooth

      1. Oh no! Poor Ashley. With my own kids, I’d tell them to take a big bite out of an apple. Course, then they’d be staring back at an apple with a bloody tooth in it so probably not a good idea either.

        1. I tried that with my daughter, but she was too chicken to take a bite. She refused to even wiggle it. It was wiggly for months, until it finally came out of her head in her sleep. Months. Who does that? I admit I chased her around with pliers, just a little, but…

  1. Yikes! Reminds me of my first-grade teacher. I’ll never know if the rumors were true, but some said she would tie your tooth to the door and then slam it. That was only one of her techniques. You were to never, ever tell her you had a wiggly tooth!

  2. Ugh……in my house growing up, loose teeth were allowed to fall out on their own. I just have to wonder, though….wouldn’t Charlotte have known that that was going to happen, since she had three sisters before her who’d been through the same thing?

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