25 thoughts on “The Staircase

  1. Ha! My mother always did this when we were growing up. And now that she’s 91, she’s taken the opposite approach too – she throws things down the stairs instead of carrying them down.

  2. Hilarious (and true) as always! I love the attention to detail in all of your work – this time I particularly like that barbie and the glowworm! :) Also love how the dog follows your mom around…

  3. So true. This is our house now. I can’t stand it! The kids walk by their stuff 20 times and it kills me. Are those Pound Puppies? I don’t know how you can make everything so detailed.

    1. I wish I had more time to make even more detail! It’s so relaxing and fun to me. Those are Pound Puppies! Mine and Ashley’s.
      Kids have a special chore blindness, I think…

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