The Staircase














25 responses to “The Staircase”

  1. fmichellemoran Avatar

    Haha! This is still me at my house, except on every table instead of the stairs. I love how the dog and cat are in there too.

  2. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Mum certainly told you!

  3. becomingcliche Avatar

    That is so very, very true. Along with exploding out of clothing in the middle of the floor.

  4. Shrewed Up Avatar

    Awesome! I can completely relate!

  5. literarybex Avatar

    Us too! There was stuff lining the stairs for YEARS because of this!

  6. Gretchen Getsinger Avatar

    This was something that happened often in my childhood home! I think your felt art and stories are wonderful and thank you for posting them for others to see!

  7. MlleJuin Avatar

    Remind me of my chilhood! My mother used to say: “no free trip!” :D

  8. notquiteold Avatar

    Ha! My mother always did this when we were growing up. And now that she’s 91, she’s taken the opposite approach too – she throws things down the stairs instead of carrying them down.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      !!! That is awesome!

  9. Rae Avatar

    I like the naked Barbie! And is that a Glo Glow Worm? That one definitely makes the list for creepy 80s toys!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I thought they were creepy too! All my friends thought I was crazy and those worms were super cute!

  10. Dana Avatar

    I just thought that’s where mom wanted those things to be! :)

  11. Amanda Avatar

    Oh yes, this definitely happened at my house! :)

  12. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? Avatar

    hahahaaha – happens at my parents house – and it’s only my parents that live there!!!

  13. Dounia Avatar

    Hilarious (and true) as always! I love the attention to detail in all of your work – this time I particularly like that barbie and the glowworm! :) Also love how the dog follows your mom around…

  14. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    Don’t go up the stairs empty handed. It is a simple premise but one children and men never seem to grasp. Excellent presentation of it. I love that the dog follows your Mom around.

  15. onegidigirl Avatar

    My husband dies this. Its infuriating?!

  16. Emile Avatar

    you are extremely funny and talented

  17. Eda Avatar

    I just adore Chrissy shimmying up the banister. Even better than usual, Nicole. Thanks!

  18. muddledmom Avatar

    So true. This is our house now. I can’t stand it! The kids walk by their stuff 20 times and it kills me. Are those Pound Puppies? I don’t know how you can make everything so detailed.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I wish I had more time to make even more detail! It’s so relaxing and fun to me. Those are Pound Puppies! Mine and Ashley’s.
      Kids have a special chore blindness, I think…

  19. Emily Avatar

    The doll looks like Chrissy.

  20. drtjain Avatar

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    Nice and true one …:)

  21. tipevan Avatar

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