17 thoughts on “Daylight Saving

  1. Some of my earliest memories are of being sent to bed while the sun was out. (We’ve sympathetically moved Ajax’s bedtime to after 8 to compensate for the stupid DST.)

  2. OH yeah. Same thing in my house. To add insult to injury, we would be lying in bed in the summer when it was still light out and we could hear the sounds of the other kids in the neighborhood still playing outside under our open windows.

    Being a kid is sometimes just not fair.

    1. That is the WORST! We have a new philosophy on non-school nights. If the boys are out-of-doors, bedtime is at dark. If they’re indoors, it’s at regular time. Because DST is not fair!

  3. Same experience; kids outside playing, we upstairs staring at the light outside, parents, collapsed downs stairs; we were 4 kids in 3 years. I love this blog site!

  4. This is a very good one.

    I don’t remember kicking up a fuss about it myself as a little ‘un, though – I think it rains too much here in the UK for us to base our days around the sunshine.

  5. Yeah, that was my early childhood too. I could never sleep before it got dark, and I always felt like I was being punished, when I could see other kids outside my bedroom window still playing outside. Anyway, the Middlest Sister makes me realize how inconsistent parenting can be, from a child’s point of view. Bedtime is at dark, except during Daylight Savings Time, or on Brussels Sprouts Stand-Off Night. Halloween is for costumes, except when it’s so cold that you have to wear a winter coat. Lost teeth are collected by the Tooth Fairy, but somehow they find their way into little boxes in mothers’ bedroom drawers….and so on, and so forth, until kids never know what’s going to happen next.

  6. Don’t we love the way pups sort of flatten themselves out like that on the bed! BTW- for weeks, my pup seemed truly flummoxed by Daylight Savings Time this year………

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