Gettin’ Dizzy






This one is dedicated to Tess, who is about to become a college graduate! Hooray for Tess!





21 responses to “Gettin’ Dizzy”

  1. notquiteold Avatar

    We all did that! WHY??????

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I don’t know, but if I did it today, I’d be green at best!

  2. muddledmom Avatar

    This makes me dizzy just looking at it! Love the motion. I couldn’t even do one rotation now but I loved this as a kid. And congrats to Tess!

  3. bloggeretterized Avatar

    Hooray!!! Congratulations Tess!!!!!

  4. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    Yay! Congrats to Tess! Like the worn out bit of grass under the swing. :)

  5. Go Jules Go Avatar

    Holy paper wonders! You’re animating now?! Amazing!!

  6. Go Jules Go Avatar

    P.S. – Congrats to Tess!!

  7. Elyse Avatar

    Wow! Great animation.

    I think doing this as a child prepared me in some small way to follow the daily news. I learned how not to throw up.

  8. Elyse Avatar

    Congrats Tess!

  9. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Fantastic work with the swing!

  10. John Jarvis Avatar

    Nicole, your brain has ONCE AGAIN perfectly captured a universal truth of childhood. I remain astounded. Seriously. #yourethebest

  11. Alex Hurst Avatar
    Alex Hurst

    Animated!!! That was super adorable. Congrats to Tess. :)

  12. jensine Avatar

    I loved doing that to … I love swings anyway!

  13. robotsoulscomics Avatar

    That looked hard to animate! Good work!
    I can’t imagine trying to make comics the way you do. You make your unique style work!

  14. becomingcliche Avatar

    GIF! GIF!

    Oh, and congrats, Tess!

  15. Emily Avatar

    I love it!!! Also, congratulations, Tess. :) What university, and what degree?

  16. In My Cluttered Attic Avatar

    This is truly wonderful. And my congratulations to Tess! :O)

  17. hollybernabe Avatar

    Awesome! I remember that was one of my favorite things to do on the playground. That and cherry drops and dead man drops–but that didn’t come until I was in the fourth grade.

  18. pegoleg Avatar

    Hey, you made a movie! Congratulations on taking your mad skillz to a whole, new level.

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