21 thoughts on “Hot Cross Buns

  1. Truth! Can you imagine being the teacher who must endure a classroom full of this pain? In my house, kid no. 1 is done and kid no. 2 has one more year. The dog and I will be most grateful.

  2. Loved this! I played recorder (descant, treble and bass), harmonica, piano accordian and piano as a kid, but obviously not all at the same time! Sister tried the piano and ended up with the cello. Bro opted for knitting needles and a biscuit tin.
    Our rendition of Silent Night was awesome.

  3. When I was going into fourth grade we could sign up for band. Nothing would do me but to play something different. They had a night you could go and look over all the instruments and try them out to see what you liked. I picked an oboe. I practiced with that thing for about a month before my dad came into my room and issued the decree that my oboe days were done. I’d have to pick something else or not play because he absolutely could not stand to listen to that dying duck for one.more.note. I ended up with a trumpet. :D

    Also I remember that little recorder thingy, too. I tooted out Hot Cross Buns or Three Blind Mice until my parents cried for mercy.

  4. We could never afford to learn to play an instrument as children but my husband just started learning the banjo. Yes, apparently I was very bad in a past life. I’m really, really sorry.

  5. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve played the piano, the clarinet (went to university for that, but it’s currently on hold, because my clarinet is broken, and I can’t afford to get it fixed), the bass clarinet, the flute (briefly, for a secondary instrument unit in high school), the guitar, the steel pan drum (tenor), and I’ve done some singing as well. I was reasonably competent at music in my youth, so my mom thought my brother should take music in high school as well, even though he’d given up piano as a child, like I’d done before him. So, he played the saxophone, and had a dynamic range of either “on” or “off,” and when he was “on,” he’d rattle windows. He also tried trumpet and guitar, but all three were kind of intermittent, and half-hearted–so, it was bearable most of the time, because he rarely practiced, and he was forever quitting.

  6. As opposed to the soft D sound, I remember the last panel sounding more like;

    I know a music teacher. Her mantra, said with a very soft breathy voice, during this time is, “just breathe into the instrument”.

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