Are We Almost There?

It’s road trip season and have I got the song for you. Chrissy used to sing the most terribly annoying song on every road trip, there and back. It has only one lyric. And it goes like this:

Thanks for watching my stop-motion video! That was over 650 still frames and took who knows how many hours to string together. Lyrics by Chrissy, vocals by me, Charlotte and Dad. The music was done by anonymusic. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!

29 thoughts on “Are We Almost There?

  1. So good, I have no idea how you did this but I love it. And my sister used to sing that song but with the original lyrics, something like “oh the King of France, he wears no underpants”. Do more!

    1. When I was a kid, it was “In the land of Oz, where the women wear no bras, and the men don’t care, ’cause they wear no underwear, and the children don’t mind, ’cause they’re naked all the time,” and my brother made up more lyrics (or maybe he just heard them on the playground and repeated them), but they’re too dirty to post here. Anyway, the funny thing is, later on, as an adult, I lived in Australia for two years, and the women there wear bras, the men wear underwear, and the children wear clothes as well, so that playground song was completely inaccurate.

      1. You got it Emily, no one cares in Kansas, and we are easily entertained. BTW my Mother had taken one road trip (about 1924) before age 51. (then 1961) She said, “one argument in the back seat” and we turn around and go back to Kansas. Guess what? we enjoyed the entire vacation, a near perfect memory forever.

  2. Brilliant, as always, but it’s amazing you survived to adulthood. If I was your dad, I would probably have left you in the black hole!

  3. Love the stop motion and the surprise of going off a cliff to fantasy land.

    We had different lyrics to that tune during our car trips, but I think Chrissy’s are less offensive.

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