Summer Vacation

day1 summer1 summer2 summer3 summer4 summer5 day2 summer6





25 responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    Sigh. Day two of our summer vacation is already this Friday. Help me.

    1. on thehomefrontandbeyond Avatar

      I have a bottle of wine (not whine)–will that help?

      1. She's a Maineiac Avatar

        Depends on how big the bottle is.

        1.  Avatar


  2. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    LOL! Very ture!

  3. Sannan kupla Avatar

    Haha! So funny and true!

  4. Rae Avatar

    True to life.

  5. autumnashbough Avatar

    True. Especially the mother’s facial expression.

  6. muddledmom Avatar

    Why is that? I look at my kids and can’t comprehend it but I was the same way. Every scene here is fantastic.

  7. Michael Cargill Avatar

    Thing is, you’d be exactly the same if you all went up to see your parents now.

  8. In My Cluttered Attic Avatar

    This is so wonderfully how it is. I don’t know how you did it, but I love the glow of TV and campfire, both are beautifully captured! Fun, fun, post, maybe more than summer itself. :O)

  9. themonkseal Avatar

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  10. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    Is it already time for Summer Vacation? I confess to being exhausted just watching everything you did on your first day. I would have had to spend day 2 in bed.

  11. Sandra's Blog Avatar
    Sandra’s Blog

    I’m a middle sister too, though it’s not as fun as you seem to make it out as with these pics.

  12.  Avatar


  13. The Insane Blogger Avatar

    So cute! I love how on the first day of Summer Vacation you used a light for the TV and the fire-pit :)

  14. novamaefesalbon Avatar

    wow.. beautiful.. day 2-78? hhahaha

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  16. nutcake681224219 Avatar

    it only takes 1 day for them to do everything, but say there bored?

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  18. theyorkshirekiwi Avatar

    This is brilliant – crying over my keyboard in the office….boss doesn’t look overly pleased but I feel awesome :P

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