22 thoughts on “Beauty Tip: Hair Maintenance

  1. Hilarious. The narcissism of youth. Like my baby brother and sister, when playing hide and seek. They’d put their hands over their eyes and say, “You can’t see me!”

  2. Sounds exactly like my daughter. But I think she said something to me like, “But I can’t see the back of my hair so why do I need to comb it?” Outta sight, outta mind.

  3. Love the logic of your sister..or was that you? I am new to your blog as I am also the middle sister of 9 siblings…I will take pointers from you as how you handle the “label”. I will stay in touch as I am a new blogger….again.

  4. So funny and cute!! when I was a little girl I would always have huge knots in my hair all the time, my mom used to tell me I had rat’s nests in my hair! so I really loved this, it was really creative and cute!! as soon as I saw the picture on your blog I new I had to read it.
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    let me know what you think, I would totally value your opinion. thanks!

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  6. so awesome….and great timing, as I literally reached over with the scissors and snaped out a chunk of my son’s bird’s nest hair in the bath tonight without him even noticing…..nice bald patch he is sporting

  7. Our middle daughter constantly did the same thing to her lovely hair. I think, as a result, it wound up turning into barbwire. Than goodness, she grew out of it—but not her hair—just the bad habit. As always, any post you publish is pure joy to marvel at and read. Many thanks for the always pleasant diversion. :@)

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