Girl Detectives

Hi everyone! I’m really busy with a crazy move right now, so I’m re-blogging one of my favorite comics from last year. I am only having one studio day a week right now, and I am working on several different fun projects besides The Middlest Sister, but I will do my best to get a fresh new comic out by the end of the month. Until then, please enjoy this reblog :)

The Middlest Sister


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5 responses to “Girl Detectives”

  1. becomingcliche Avatar

    You’re MOVING? New state, or just new house? None of my business, just wondered how many good thoughts to send your way! I know I hate moving! Best wishes.

  2. Rae Avatar

    I LOVE this one.

    P.S. Are you moving closer to me yet?!

  3. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    Such a fun adventure for the girls in the summer. You capture it perfectly. Good luck with the move.

  4. Problems With Infinity Avatar

    Your artwork is amazing! This post was really great — I loved how the color scheme gave it that old-school noir feel!

  5. Linda Anselmi Avatar

    Brilliant! I could probably list 50 things I love about this comic!

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