Time Out, 4

Another time out, this time with Tess. Don’t spread rumors about the family dog. Why is this even a rule?






7 responses to “Time Out, 4”

  1. charlottebelanger3 Avatar

    Hahahahaha poor Doogie!

  2. Jellyfish Mama Avatar
    Jellyfish Mama

    Hahahaha! I’m curious though, what exactly did she say about the family dog??

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      She told everyone that our dog (who was neutered) impregnated the neighbor’s dog. I think she was hoping to get some puppies out of it!

      1. Jellyfish Mama Avatar
        Jellyfish Mama


  3. christinadrh Avatar

    This is hilarious! My ex used to tell the dog she was ugly. I believe he was just projecting and she saw through it.

  4. hiplinm Avatar

    Lol reputations are important, your sister should be careful of what she says :)

  5. silkpurseproductions Avatar

    I honestly thought that was one of the functions of a dog…taking the blame for everthing.

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