The First Hurricane

We’re about to be hit by Hurricane Irma, and I’m slightly concerned about the fate of my scrap paper supply. My parents are safely evacuated, but Chrissy, Tess, and I are all still scattered in Florida. To help us feel closer together, here’s the story of our first Florida hurricane:


(This is so long. I’m sorry! Keep safe everybody!)


21 thoughts on “The First Hurricane

  1. Oh, Nicole. Fantastic, as always. I may have to write a story called “Flamingo in the Floodwater”. I was listening to classical music when I read this, and there was a great crashing of symbols and drums just when the power man frame came up. Magic. Hope you are all well and safe.

  2. I hope and pray you and the girls and all of your families (also your scrap paper) all stay safe & sound. Hopefully, it won’t be long before this will just be another memory you can delight us with through your paper story telling. Stay Safe!

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