2. The Littlest Sister

Caption: Nine months later...

The five sisters sit on the floor playing with the baby.
Nicki to baby Tess: You're so cute Tallulah!
Chrissy to Nicki: You can't just call her whatever name you want.
Nicki: But Tallulah is so much better than Tess!
Charlotte: We should have held a vote.
Ashley: Tess is a good name...
Nicki: But NOT as good as Tallulah.
(Chrissy screams)
Chrissy, pointing to Tess: She bit me! She BIT me!!
Nicki cuddles Tess. Chrissy: UGH! You little bloodsucker. They should have named you TICK.





3 responses to “2. The Littlest Sister”

  1.  Avatar

    Good one Nicki! She has had her share of names over the years💕

  2. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    Priceless! I had my share of bite marks from my little sister.

  3. in Avatar

    Love it!


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