3. Angels and Devils

Dad: Bedtime!
Illustration of toothpaste being squeezed onto a toothbrush.
Chrissy and Charlotte brush their teeth at the bathroom sink. Chrissy eyes Charlotte critically.
Chrissy: You have a lot of freckles.
Charlotte: My teacher told me that every freckle is a mark left by an angel's kiss.
Chrissy examines her face closely in the mirror.
Chrissy examines her face from another angle.
Chrissy frowns at her reflection, noticing no freckles.
Chrissy: Well, that can't be true.
Chrissy returns to brushing her teeth without concern. Charlotte glares at Chrissy.
Illustration of a a blue canary nightlight.
Nicki and Ashley rest in a bunkbed with their eyes closed.
Charlotte sleeps, but Chrissy lies awake in bed.
Chrissy: Do you guys believe in aliens?
Nicki opens one eye. "What."
Chrissy: I heard Mom talking on the phone about people who say they've been abducted by aliens.
"The aliens beam a light through your window at night when you\re sleeping and it sucks you up. (Illustration of alien peering into the girls' bedroom window.)
"They take you into their spaceship and do experiments on you." (Illustration of Charlotte, Nicki and Ashley huddled together on a spaceship with an alien, who is pointing a glowing stick at them)
"When you wake up the next morning, you can't remember exactly what happened. But you have a weird scar..." (Illsutration of Charlotte in bed, frowning at her forearm.)
"It looks like a duck wearing a little top hat."
Chrissy: But I don't believe it. Goodnight, guys!
Nicki, Ashley, and Charlotte stare wide-eyed in bed. Chrissy smiles dreamily with her eyes closed.





3 responses to “3. Angels and Devils”

  1.  Avatar

    I love this! — the lighting effects, the mirror work, and that we got two ‘comic strips’ worth of material in one post!

  2. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    I can’t stop laughing! My oldest sister use to tell me she was an alien and that at night she turned her “greeniator” on to regenerate. I would lay awake all night watching her. Terrified!!

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