6. New Everythings

The family sits at the table eating dinner. Mom and Dad look content. The children look astonished.
Chrissy: But WHY are we moving?
Dad: Because I got a new job.
Nicki: ...but why?
Dad: It's a better opportunity
Ashley:  but why Florida?
Mom, winking and ruffling Ashley's hair: You'll love it!
Charlotte: But what about.... everything?
Fuzzy collage of memories from living in Massachusetts
Dad: You'll make new everythings.
The girls eat their dinner glumly. Chrissy looks thoughtful and plotting.
Chrissy: The new house will be bigger, right?

Dad: Yup!
Chrissy: So will I get my own room?!

Dad: I'm afraid not. The new house will have 4 bedrooms.
Chrissy does math in her head.
Chrissy: But that's enough! You and Mom will share a room. Then the 2 oldest and the 2 youngest will each share a room; that's fair. And then I get my own!
Dad: Nooooo....
Chrissy: That's not fair! Why does Nicki get her own room? She always gets everything!
Dad: No, not Nicki. The baby will get her own room.
Chrissy: Tess. Tess gets her own room. Are you kidding me?
Dad: Trust me, NO ONE wants to share a room with a baby, least of all me. This move can't come soon enough.
The family returns to their dinner. Chrissy sticks her tongue out at Tess from across the table. Tess blissfully, messily eats her spaghetti.


7 responses to “6. New Everythings”

  1.  Avatar

    Very good one!

  2. Beau Avatar

    Ha ha ha nice

  3.  Avatar

    OH my word Nicki!!!!!! I can easily picture this whole conversation!!!! These are so great!!!

  4. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    Your Dad sure know how to end an argument. Too funny!

  5. becomingcliche Avatar

    Did you EVER get a room of your own?

  6. Odette Avatar

    This is amazing

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