9. Rest EZ

In Nicki and Ashley's room... Nicki studies the new room setup while Ashley writes in her notebook.
Meanwhile, in Chrissy and Charlotte's room.... Chrissy studies the room setup while Charlotte reads a joke book.
Chrissy: I'm pretty sure their room is bigger than ours.

Nicki: Is this good feng shui? I don't think you're supposed to sleep under a window.
Chrissy: I swear it's at least this much wider.

Nicki: If only the window was a bit more over that way... It just doesn't seem to flow, you know?
Charlotte: Well, do you want to rebunk? We'd have more floor space...

Ashley: Um, not really. Do you want to move the beds again? We could rebunk...
Chrissy: Maybe. But if we do, I get the bottom bunk this time!

Nicki: Sounds good to me! Same as last time?
Charlotte and Ashley: AGREED!
The girls all lean outside their doorways, calling for Dad.
Dad, busy assembling a new bed for the baby: Nope.





2 responses to “9. Rest EZ”

  1. SBH Avatar

    Love this!!

  2. becomingcliche Avatar

    Dad is a wise man. A wise, wise man.

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