10. The Brussels Sprouts Stand-off

Mom boils a big pot of brussels sprouts, plates them, then calls everybody to the table.
The girls look with disgust at their plates.
Chrissy: URGH! What is THAT?
Mom: Brussels sprouts! Eat them! They'll make your eyelashes curly. *mom winks*
Charlotte: What does that mean?

Chrissy: Why did she wink?

Ashley: Why would anybody want curly eyelashes?
Dad: You're eating them.

Chrissy: I'm not.

Charlotte: Me neither!
Dad: That's what you think! You're going to stay at this table until you finish them.
Ashley imagines herself with curly eyelashes.
9:00 PM

The girls sit at the table in the dark, poking at their plates.
Chrissy glares at a brussels sprout on her fork.
Nicki: I can't believe they would pull this on a school night!
Nicki: Tomorrow's our first day of school. We've got to be sharp. What if we have to write an essay??
Chrissy rolls her eyes. *GULP!*

Chrissy looks shocked.
Nicki, covering her mouth: Eurgh!
Chrissy: Did you just eat that??
Nicki: Just get it over with. You can't sit here all night.
Chrissy: TRAITOR.
Ashley: She's just nervous. You know how she gets.

Ashley, Chrissy, and Charlotte sit in the dark at the table.
Ashley looks around, then sneaks her sprouts into her boot.
Ashley waves goodbye as she leaves the dining room.
Brussels sprouts squish in Ashley's boots as she walks.
Midnight. Chrissy stares ahead with determination. Charlotte begins to droop.
Charlotte falls head first into her plate, fast asleep.
Dad: Go. To. Bed.

Chrissy begins to sing her victory song.

Dad: Just get to bed.
Chrissy raises her arms in victory.
The dog sniffs at Ashley's smelly boots.


3 responses to “10. The Brussels Sprouts Stand-off”

  1.  Avatar

    Another good Nicki, and so cute!

  2. diane hale Avatar
    diane hale

    HA HA HA !!!!!!! With your dad and I, it was liver!!!!! I would pretend to cough into my napkin, spit it into it, and run to the bathroom!!!!! Or throw it behind the stove!!!! I still can’t STAND the smell of it. Gene loved it but was never allowed to cook it in the house.


  3. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    Too funny! My little sister was like this. She wouldn’t eat anything and would sit there all cute and adorable until the adults gave in and made her Kraft Dinner.

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