14. Blanketed

The sun rises over the house on the morning after Halloween
Nicki sits up in bed, groaning, hiding under her purple blanket.
Still hiding under the blanket, she groans as she pours a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Ashley watches with concern.
Nicki watches TV from under the blanket, still groaning.
At dinner, Nicki sits at the table with her family, still hiding under the blanket and groaning.
Dad: Take the blanket off at the table.
Nicki: NO! Not until we move back home!
Mom: This IS home now. You haven't even given it a chance!
Chrissy: Yeah, Nicki... Give the cockroaches a chance.
A cockroach peeks out from behind a portrait on the wall.
Mom: Palmetto bugs.
Dad yanks the blanket off Nicki's head.
Nicki looks miserable, her hair sticking up with static.
Dad: It'll get better, Nic. I promise.


2 responses to “14. Blanketed”

  1. Emily Avatar

    Hey Nicki, how were you able to avoid bumping into things (and people), and do things like pour cereal and milk, without being able to see through the blanket?

  2. becomingcliche Avatar

    Did it get better?

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