18. Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Nicki looks out the window as the girls who bullied her on Halloween pass by.
Nicki sighs.
A lizard snoozes on the welcome mat.
Nicki opens the front door and a lizard scurries away.
The family cat immediately catches the lizard
The cat, Rapunzel, offers the lizard to Nicki. Nicki smiles softly.
Nicki: You're lucky you're a cat, Rapunzel.
Nicki sheds a tear as her cat butts her forehead. "No one ever says you're a weirdo and that you'll never have any friends."
Rapunzel licks Nicki's nose.
Nicki smiles at the cat. "But that's not true, is it?"
Nicki licks the cat back.
Nicki and the cat stare at each other.
Nicki wipes her mouth. "Bleagh!"





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