19. Ghost Bait

Charlotte prepares a favorite snack: whipped cream on saltines.
Charlotte carries the tray of crackers to the TV room
Charlotte places the tray in front of the TV
Charlotte puts a cracker on top of the VCR, where she had her last "ghost encounter"
Charlotte watches intently.
Charlotte eats her snack as she watches and waits.
Charlotte: I knw you're here. Just give me a sign.
Charlotte waits and watches.
Charlotte stares at the TV
and sees a ghostly figure out of the corner of her eye
Charlotte screams and covers her eyes
The white curtains billow
Chrissy steps out from behind the curtain and knocks off the snack.
From behind the curtain, Chrissy says "Grooooooooooosssssss...."
Charlotte peeks out from behind her hands.
The saltine crackers is a mess on the floor.
Charlotte screams and runs from the room.





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