20. Lucky Sweater

Nicki searches frantically through her dresser drawers.
Nicki looks through a dirty laundry basket
Nicki looks in the washing machine
Nicki looks in the dryer
Nicki yells, WHERE IS IT?
Nicki confront Chrissy: WHERE IS IT? I know you took it!
Chrissy: Whoa... what are you talking about?
Nicki: My lucky test-taking sweater! WHERE. IS. IT?!
Chrissy: Sorry, I really wouldn't know.
Nicki: I know you have it! You are always taking my stuff and now I'm going to FAIL! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
Chrissy smirks as Nicki leaves the room.
Chrissy opens her backpack. "Lucky-testing sweater... how dumb."
Chrissy looks at the vocabulary test she just aced.
Chrissy hugs the lucky sweater,





2 responses to “20. Lucky Sweater”

  1. diane hale Avatar
    diane hale

    I remember ” clothes wars”!!!!!


  2. Emily Avatar

    The clothes wars must have been epic in the Belanger family. Five girls, who would have evened out in size at some point, and might have had similar taste…….if I’d grown up there, I’d have written my name on the inside of every piece of clothing I owned.

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