21. Take Note

Nicki comes home from school with a note taped to her back that says IKKY NIKKI
Nicki takes off her backpack and sees the note.
Nicki crumbles the note, tosses it on the floor. "That's not even how you spell my name!"
Doogie the dog sniffs at the note.
Doogie eats the note in front of the door as Charlotte walks in, her nose buried in a book about ghosts.
Charlotte trips over Doogie.
Charlotte apologizes to Doogie, leaving the door wide open. Lizards and flies come in.
Charlotte and Doogie leave.
Ashley walks in the open door reading a love note.
Ashley tucks in the note in her back pocket as she walks away.
The note falls out and lands in the front hallway.
The note rests on the floor.
Chrissy throws the door open as she arrives home from school.
Chrissy sees the note on the floor.
Chrissy picks up the note.
Chrissy reads the note.
Chrissy grins with evil power.





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