The Middlest Sister is a comic written and illustrated by me, Nicole Belanger Smeltzer. It is based on memories of growing up with four sisters. Each comic is painstakingly cut and pasted from scrap paper and other garbage I find in the junk drawer and recycling bin. You can find my other cut-paper works, illustrations, and paintings over at nicolesmeltzer.com

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  1. Love, love your blog. I can’t even imagine how many hours of work go into each post. You’re so talented. Just one question: Could you clarify the order of birth of the sisters? My sister and I seem to think it goes Nicki, Ashley, Chrissy, Charlotte, Tess (oldest to youngest), but we think Nicki writes the blog, so we were confused about the “Middlest Sister” title. If the blog is written by the middlest sister, wouldn’t that be Chrissy? Keep up the wonderful work! :)

    1. You are right about the birth order :) I made Chrissy the “star” of the blog because as the middlest sister, she did often feel overlooked. Plus, she’s kind of the straight-man, caught in the middle of all these crazy sisters.

  2. I love your styling and your quirky approach, you’ve obviously put a lot of work into this. I’m surprised an advertising agency hasn’t approached you, but I do think a children’s book would be great as has already been suggested to you.

  3. What a creative and artistic look at life. I love it. Extremely happy I stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to the next post! Long live the journey.


  4. WOW!! This is amazing. I love the craftyness of your work and how it’s all scraps that you turn into something beautiful. Keep up the amazing work, I look forward to reading your weekly adventures- you’ve got another follower!

  5. Hi Nicole, I just received the Liebster Blog Award from Oster’s Mom who writes the family blog http://discoveranddevour.com/. The Liebster Award is designed to help new and infrequently visited blogs by getting bloggers to talk about and promote one another. So I am presenting you with the award. I frequently visit your blog and believe it deserves the award.
    For more information and to get your Liebster Blog Award image for your blog go to http://JaydonAndDaddy.com

  6. i cant thank Sweet Mom enough to introduce me to you…
    i love your blog..so creative, funny and super duper cute… i was like clikcing on LIKES for every post and then the voices inside my head told me
    “Little you are going to freak the blogger…stop” :D

  7. Wow, I will no longer complain (at least aloud) about how long my own illustrations take me. Your blog is a refreshing take on web-comics!

  8. Dear Mrs. Nicole,

    I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.. thank you for being a bright and beautiful inspiration.

    The RULES for this award are as follows:

    1. Thank the person nominating your for the award: Check

    2. List ten things about yourself: Here is the link to my previous acceptance.

    3. Nominate SIX blogs you think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award.

  9. Just so you’ll know, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Just so you’ll know, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

    I did it because your blog is not only creative, it’s wonderous!

    PS: I really like your paper art. I’ve tried it myself and it’s not easy so my hat is off to you/

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