The Valentine Code

Hello everyone! I’m working on a new comic at this very moment, but until it is done, let me show you some love with these old Valentine posts <3

The Middlest Sister

You hold the kiwi to my heartYou are berry cute Olive your smileHave another little pizza my heartDo you carrot all?Orange you sweetYou make my heart... rice?Cheese the one!Peas... donut leave me

I finally added a Cast of Characters page to the navigation bar at the top! Also, there’s free shipping on fine art prints at the Society6 shop until February 9.

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Happy Thanksgiving (Eve)

One of my favorite holidays is tomorrow, and I wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for YOU!

Here are some of my past Thanksgiving comics:

The Picky One

Oh, Christmas Tree

and Yams and Matching Dresses

And of course, every Thanksgiving we draw our Secret Sister from the hat. This year we’re adding the brothers-in-law into the mix! Yikes. I guess we’ll see if this makes things more or less confusing.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday! What are your Thanksgiving traditions?