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  • Departure


    This one is a sliiiiight jump-ahead to a vacation we took during the teenage years.

  • Racing Rudolph

    Racing Rudolph

    Every Christmas Eve. Including this one, probably. Confidential to my giftee: I think you’re sweet and surprisingly un-cranky considering the amount of sleep you get.

  • House Rule No. 1, Revisited

    House Rule No. 1, Revisited

    As a reminder, “House Rule No. 1”

  • House Rule No. 3

    House Rule No. 3

    Happy birthday to my lovely and wise mother :)

  • …and a Happy New Year!

    …and a Happy New Year!

    Our family always held a big reunion every New Year’s Day. It was a pot-luck affair and our many extended relatives brought all the favorite family recipes. Some of them were a bit too sophisticated for the oh-so-sensitive stomach of my younger self, to tell you the truth. It took me a long time to…

  • House Rule No. 1

    House Rule No. 1

    Our family had very few, but very firm house rules. Mostly meant to keep the peace, once a rule was pronounced, it was set in stone. We’re all adults now and we STILL obey the house rules every time we visit home. I actually take great pleasure in invoking this rule even at age 30.…

  • Strangers