A Dad Story

My dad has hundreds of stories, each of them funnier than the last. I’m sure I haven’t even heard half of them yet. In honor of Father’s Day this week, here’s one of our favorite childhood tales of Dad’s… the time he went skinny-dipping in the town’s water supply. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Char Star

I remember overhearing this conversation and just thinking, “Oh, Charlotte…”

Charlotte and Chrissy on a typical afternoon

The classic Chrissy smirk

Chrissy can read you like a book.

How could you resist this opening?

Once upon a time, Mom and Dad had free time

It was a baby in a bottle. It was you.

How cute and oh-so-probable!

That's what I would do!

Charlotte Starfish Belanger

It all fits.

The best part was that when she ran up to check with Mom, Mom was so distracted, she accidentally corroborated this story with an absent-minded “Mmmm-hmmm…”