Tough Break, Charlotte

When Charlotte fractured her leg, she got no sympathy from any of us. If she had BROKEN it, we would have given her lots and lots of pity and attention, but a fracture? That didn’t sound anywhere near as dramatic. It was years before any of us realized that a break and a fracture were the same thing. Sorry, Charlotte. You were right, we were wrong, we are the dirtiest things of all.

That Doogie portrait actually exists, guys.(click to enlarge)

"Wanna sign my cast? I broke my leg!"

"No, you didn't" "Um, what?"

"I heard Dad say your leg was fractured"

Well, I don't know what 'fractured' means but look-- I have crutches. I have a cast. I HAVE a broken leg!"

"It's just a fractured leg"

"It's broken. I HAVE A CAST. Are you gonna sign it or NOT?!"


Sticks and stones may break your bones but your leg is only fractured

"Hey, Charlotte! I heard you fractured your leg."