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  • The Picky One

    The Picky One

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tinsel in Your Eye

    Tinsel in Your Eye

    Why tinsel is no longer welcome in the Belanger household… (There is some debate as to who actually took the bite of the inedible gingerbread cookie ornament. So, to be fair, it might actually have been like this: ) The tinsel was eventually fished from Ashley’s eye, but the ornament remained in disgrace for decades…

  • Secret Sister

    Secret Sister

    Every year since we were little, the five of us have drawn names for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Although I’d love to tell you that the following happened a long, long time ago, it actually happened just last week. And it wasn’t too surprising. We wound up having to re-draw 4 times this year.

  • Racing Rudolph

    Racing Rudolph

    Every Christmas Eve. Including this one, probably. Confidential to my giftee: I think you’re sweet and surprisingly un-cranky considering the amount of sleep you get.