The Perils of Rosella

If someone told me I could have all the hours back I spent trying to beat King’s Quest IV as a child, I would say “No, thank you.” My sisters and I devoted so much time to this game. We didn’t know there were cheat books. Sometimes we’d be stuck on a puzzle for months at a time. That’s when we’d see what else Rosella could do.

Sigh. I'm stuck. I don't know what to do next."

"I know! Make Rosella say a swear word!"

"Chrissy. Rosella is a princess. Princesses don't swear."

"Fine, then I'll do it!"



"Now tell her to pee in the river!"

Roberta Williams, the creator of the King’s Quest games, was and is someone I admire. I read that she once said, “Back when I got started, which sounds like ancient history, back then the demographics of people who were into computer games, was totally different, in my opinion, than they are today. Back then, computers were more expensive, which made them more exclusive to people who were maybe at a certain income level, or education level. So the people that played computer games 15 years ago were that type of person. They probably didn’t watch television as much, and the instant gratification era hadn’t quite grown the way it has lately. I think in the last 5 or 6 years, the demographics have really changed, now this is my opinion, because computers are less expensive so more people can afford them. More “average” people now feel they should own one.”

I hope she won’t be too disappointed when she finds out the truth.